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Ryan Planning and Development

Town Planning Specialists


At Ryan Planning & Development, we offer a full range of services to ensure your development objectives are reached with optimal efficiency and without compromise. As your first stop for any project, big or small, we will guide you through the development consent process, managing all aspects and requirements whilst maximising outcomes and providing peace of mind.


Our objective is clear, to provide our clients with the most effective route to their development approvals. With over a decade of experience in the New South Wales development industry, we know exactly what must be done to get projects approved, as well as the problems that may be encountered. 


Our philosophy is that your success is intertwined with our own. In short, if you succeed, especially due to our involvement, then our own business objectives are also achieved.


Daryl Ryan

Principal Planner

Servicing These NSW Council Areas

With an extensive local government and consultant planning background, Ryan Planning and Development is well placed to offer Town Planning advice on development applications & rezoning applications to streamline your development and its progress through the assessment process to development approval.


Fast Track DA Approvals in:

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Not sure where to start

Please call us at 1300 713 581 or email us at, and we will advise you on the next steps in the process.

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