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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to engage any other consultants or arrange plans of my development?

No. At Ryan Planning and Development we work within a network of trusted professionals and will take care of every aspect of your project. We specialise in identifying every requirement for gaining your approval but also in minimising non-essential costs, ultimately ensuring a fast approval without paying for any excess supportive information.

Does my development need approval from council?

Not necessarily. At Ryan Planning and Development we will identify the most efficient approval pathway that attains your development goals and manage the project to obtain the chosen approval. In NSW the three primary pathways are :

Exempt Developments - This is work that can be carried out without approval as long as it is within certain parameters.


Complying Developments - This is development or work that can be approved utilising fast-tracked pathways through either a Private or Council Certifier.


Development Applications - This is for those developments that require Council approval. Whilst more involved the regulations are less rigid and includes mechanisms we can utilise to push the boundaries of what could otherwise be approved.

What if my development doesnt comply with the applicable regulations

Not to worry. In most circumstances we can successfully argue for variations to the applicable development standards on your behalf. This is something we are particularly well versed in, priding ourselves in being able to obtain outcomes that others cannot. Equally, we strive to provide you with clear feedback on the likely success of any variations so you are not led down a rabbit hole of unexpected expense and delays. Our approach is to ensure we don’t rely on blind optimism and always have a plan B to ensure your goals are reached. Whether playing it safe or pushing the limits, moving forward with us will guarantee you are not caught off guard and are ready for whatever the approval process throws at you.

What are the expected timeframes to get my approval?

The time frames for approval heavily rely on the type of development and the available approval pathways. If your development is consistent with Complying Development codes then your approval can be obtained as quickly as 10 – 20 days from the time the submission package is ready. For Development Applications, councils have a statutory period of 40 days to approve your application before legal avenues can be utilised. By having Ryan Planning and Development managing this process you are assured the fastest approval time available is facilitated, both by thorough preparation and tenacity in fighting for your approval when stalled by Council. We understand that time is money.

How much will it cost?

Our fees range depending on the service you require and the scale of your development. We offer a range of pricing structures and work off both quoted services as well as charge at hourly rates. Extensive experience has enabled us to refine our service so you are only paying for work that is essential to your project. A primary objective of our service is to stream line the approval process and remove significant cost caused by delays and revisions to third party reports/plans.

What should I do or prepare before getting in touch?

In short, nothing! Make Ryan Planning and Development your first move in considering any development. If you know exactly what you want to do great, let us confirm feasibility and help you get there in the shortest possible time. If not, contact us to find out what you can and can’t do with your land. Through our free consultation service we can find out together the optimal development opportunities available to you and discuss what is involved to see it through.I’m a paragraph.

What if I have carried out work without approval?

Whether you have been issued a notice for unauthorised work or are looking to get approval for unapproved works, get in touch and we can help you get it resolved. We have extensive experience with such situations and can help guide you through what can be a stressful process. With an understanding of both the legislative and building code considerations of these applications we can outline for you from the first consultation what to expect. If you have received a notice or order from Council a call from us to advise them we have been engaged is generally enough to halt any fines being issued until the matter is resolved.

Not sure where to start?

Please call us at 1300 713 581 or email us at, and we will advise you on the next steps in the process

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