Council & Complying Development Approvals

Ryan Planning and Development
The key to optimizing your development outcomes

At Ryan Planning and Development we will identify the most efficient approval pathway and manage the project to obtain the chosen approval as quickly as possible.

How do I get my development approval?



  • Plan - Confirm feasibility and identify the most efficient pathway to approval

  • Prepare - Organise and prepare the required supportive information

  • Lodge - Lodge your application with the most effective consent authority (Council or Private)

  • Approval - Obtain your approval and action any requirements to commence work.

What approval types do we assist with?


Town Planning Services

  • Statement & Environmental Effects

  • Feasibility Reports

  • Rezoning Applications

  • Pre Purchase Town Planning Advice

  • Crown Land Developments

  • Development Application Approvals

  • Pre DA Meetings

  • Community Engagement

Project Management Services

  • Design Plans

  • Complying Development Certificates

  • Construction Certificates

  • Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

  • Cost/Quantity Surveying Reports

  • Flood Reports

  • Ecological Reports

  • Bushfire Reports


Not sure where to start?

Get same day advice on what you can do with your property.

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