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Maitland Town Planning

Gaining planning permits can often be a complex and time consuming process, where even seemingly simple proposals are held up due to a range of various reasons.

We have over 10 years of town planning / urban planning experience in Government & Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie Councils, and as consulting town planners  and environmental consultants.  

CONTACT our town planning consultants now to see how we can help with your planning project.

Local Areas

  • Maitland

  • Morpeth

  • Rutherford

  • Lorn

  • Aberglasslyn

  • Lochinvar

  • Woodville

  • Woodberry

  • Gillieston Heights

  • Tenambit

  • Ashtonfield

  • Chisholm

  • Bolwarra

  • Thornton

  • Raworth

  • Blackhill

  • Kurri Kurri

Maitland Town Planner Services

  • Town Planning

  • Urban Planning

  • Council Approvals

  • Objection to Neighbour's DA

  • Statement & Environmental Effects

  • Feasibility Reports

  • Rezoning Applications

  • Pre Purchase Town Planning Advice

  • Crown Land Developments

  • Development Application Approvals

  • Pre DA Meetings

  • Community Engagement

Council Areas Serviced

Professional Experts

Daryl Ryan is a specialist Town Planner in Newcastle NSW


Whether building your dream home or emabarking on a large scale residential development, Ryan Planning and Development can help you reach your objectives. We have experience in all types of residential development, with some of the most common listed below.

  • Single Dwellings

  • Dual Occupancies

  • Multi Dwelling Housing

  • Residential Flat Buildings

  • Secondary Dwellings

  • Managers Residencies

  • Ancillary Development

  • Subdivisions

residential town planner in Newcastle
Residential town planning
town planning services for business in the Hunter Valley


Make Ryan Planning and Development your first stop in considering any commercial development. We can help you avoid wasting resources on the wrong property or enable you to maximise the potential of an existing premise.

  • Food and Drink Premises

  • Business/Office Premises

  • Recreation Facilities

  • Tourist & Visitor Accomodation

  • Health Service Facilities

  • Educational Establishment

  • Highway Service Centre

  • Subdivisions

Commercial Town Planning


Industrial projects are often burdened by more scrutiny and complexities than other development types. By engaging Ryan Planning and Development your application for approval will be ready to answer any concerns and avoid any unforseen delays.

  • General Industry

  • Light Industry

  • Hazardous Industry

  • Heavy Industry

  • Industrial Retail Outlets

  • Industrial Training Facilities

  • Storage Premises

  • Subdivisions

Daryl Ryan certified commercial Town Planner in Newcastle NSW
Industrial Town Planning
Hunter Valley wine rural and heritage need development and town planning


Ryan Planning and Development have extensive experience with a wide range of development types associated with the use of rural land. There can at times be conflicting objectives or perceptions of development in such areas. By engaging our services your project will be well placed to address any concerns and obtain aproval as quickly as possible.

  • General Industry

  • Light Industry

  • Hazardous Industry

  • Heavy Industry

  • Industrial Retail Outlets

  • Industrial Training Facilities

  • Storage Premises

  • Subdivisions

Rural Town Planning

Not sure where to start?

Please call us at 1300 713 581 or email us at, and we will advise you on the next steps in the process

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